Dating mating and relating how to build a healthy relationship

In the interview questions one of the things I stress is will she judge other women who are promiscuous or divorce frivolously.

You can take this a step further by testing her words with (hypothetical) future action. Would she tell your children that parents who divorce frivolously are bad people?

There’s plenty of nasty skunks in kitten’s clothing, Solomon II has just flushed one out.

Any man who is actually looking for a woman to marry needs to know this, and we need further tests to separate the skunks from the house cats.

In the end, the man himself (and his future children) will reap the fruits or bear the burden of the outcome. Only the man himself can make the judgment on whether to marry and if so which woman to marry.

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And how many other men have you tried to explain the things we discuss in the manosphere to, only to have them respond with vehement denial? Pretty much every slut, harpy, and morally flaky woman who chooses to marry is still able to find a husband.

Applying this to Solomon II’s Deacon’s daughter (NSFW), I think a man truly looking for the signs would be able to spot them.

Keep in mind that after taking an extended ride on the carousel what she is likely to be looking for is a beta provider, and unfortunately clueless betas still aren’t hard to find.

A woman who holds in the back of her mind the right to divorce if she is unhappy/bored/etc isn’t going to want to teach her kids that doing so would make her a bad person. A woman not serious about marriage won’t want to accept clear obligations as a wife. Plus rationalization is the hallmark of a dishonest woman.

Some may be outright sociopaths, but most have told themselves that what they did wasn’t really wrong.

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