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I know we were taught as kids that everyone is special and all, but after a dozen or so profiles declare themselves “addicted to Netflix” or “looking for something real,” you begin to wonder just how original people are.

Maybe we should all just agree that “Game of Thrones” is great and take it as a given that random dating profile #394 has watched and loved the show (but probably not read the books).

Sometimes “Online dating sucks” is just code for “I suck at online dating.” The good news is you don’t have to suck.

The fact that you’re here means you’re on your way to sucking less.

Sending out message after message each day can get exhausting — even more so if you’re not getting responses. Sending more messages gives you more chances to get a response, but that takes more time.

You take all this time to find the right person, craft a personal message, and then you wait. Your dating profile can begin to feel like a part-time job — except you’re not getting paid.

Sometimes you meet up and the chemistry isn’t there, and you can’t do anything but count the minutes until the date is over.

Your eyes can’t do the talking; you have to up your chatting game before someone will agree to go out with you. Just remember, it’s only easy to reject you because they don’t know you.

On dating sites, you’re competing against single guys all across the internet, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

At bars and clubs, you can see your competition; you can count how many other guys are in the room and weigh your odds of success.

You can’t sign up for a dating site and expect some fairy-godmother-like matching game to bring your soulmate to your inbox.

Dating websites are a platform designed to make it easier to find a date — but you still have to, you know, do stuff and be good at it.

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