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But when Manuela returned from Mexico, her husband wanted nothing to do with her.

He told her to go back to Mexico and threatened to give their son away if she didn’t.

When they took her in, Manuela says, “That is when I realized that God hadn’t abandoned me and that there was still hope for getting my son back.” Manuela relied on God to be there for her and her children.

Her husband may have abandoned her, but God was ever by her side.

With the help of Refuge Guatemala, Manuela now has custody of her two precious children and plans to return home to Mexico.

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Depending on each woman’s needs and skill set, suitable job training or educational opportunities are provided to her.

Hearing this message, Jimena felt led by God to save her money and soon traveled from the home that had rejected her to one that welcomed her with open arms.

No one in Jimena’s life ever took the initiative to help her heal from her brokenness.

When she and her son arrived at the safehouse, Consuela said, “In that moment, I felt peace.” Consuela now realizes that there is no greater solace than that found in Christ.

Since He takes our burdens upon Himself, Consuela can now rest in Him and His protection.

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