Xkcd captcha dating

But why on earth do people think it is interesting?

People seem to think it's crazy and awesome, and movies always make it look super fun, but really it is actually boring as shit.

ain't nothing a nerd likes more than Lord of the Rings.

It's not like those shirts advertise by showing pictures of people with exciting looking liquids doing exciting science! So it's not like anyone out there is actually seriously, where the hell do people get ideas like that?

Here we are at xkcd, which only tries to make science look boring all the time, and lead to boring results or stuff like that.

) - has anyone ever wondered Because you know, if you are stuck in a hole with all your hole digging equipment, and the whole place is made of stone, why can't you carve some stairs in the walls of your hole? " so much as the end result of "I'm going to turn to a random page in lord of the rings and try to make the best joke I can out of whatever I find there." And who knows, maybe this the best joke that can be made out of the Dwarves unleashing the Balrog or whatever (maybe not, but let's pretend).

In that case, the solution isn't to say "hey, this is the best I can do with this incredibly specific topic, sweet, let's post it" but to say "Well if is the best I am going to get out of this particular lotr passage, I should really try a few more passages and see if they lead to anything better."It feels, to take a new tack, like a Mystery Science theater 3000 joke.

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