Naruto and hinata dating

She almost fails, due to Naruto not knowing what she was holding, but Kurenai Yuhi aids Hinata, explaining what the ointment was for.

Accepting the ointment, Naruto smiles, thanking Hinata.

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Point and click on things you want to do while you are there.

In this anime-character game, your character, Sakura, wanders around a Japanese city gaining wisdom and strength to face battles and develop relationships.

Each place she goes requires her to spend HP (power) to gain chakra (vital energy), intelligence, or charm. If she gives the right answers to their questions, she enhances their love for her.

Those deep blue eyes of his peirceing her as though looking for truth."During Pein's attack" he started "when he had me pinned down and you came and defended me, you said something to me. Hinata continued to cry but now with happiness instead of despair. Hinata sighed contently as she finished remembering how it came to pass. Got to finish getting ready' she thought as she resumed brushing her hair.

Minutes passed by and eventually the Hyuga heir's sobs subsided. Now, on a slightly different subject....I have to ask your father to date you? Hinata looked over at the dress she was going to wear tonight.'I hope Naruto-kun likes it' she thought.

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