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Burns used a website to chat to people, specifying on his profile that he liked ‘girls between 9 and 12’.

After engaging in conversation over email he swapped phone numbers with someone he had met on the site, and made plans to travel to Luton with the intention to abuse an eight-year-old girl in June.

Which means I know what it's like to go through therapy AND more importantly what it really feels like to resolve emotional issues that can control your life.

Thanks again BP, Bedford Sue Wilson, Hypnotherapist at Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic in Bedford, using hypnosis for the treatment of emotional and sexual problems and providing help to lose weight and stop smoking.Simply put, it’s not just having a lot of sex; it’s feeling incapable of controlling your sexual impulses, even when you know they’re negatively affecting you.Sexual activity often occupies the mind of those suffering from sex addiction, who spend long periods of time planning, engaging in and recovering from it, and it’s commonly used as a means of coping with psychological pain.Without your help and support I would have gone on believing that I was worthless, a failure.Now I have the courage and strength to stand up for myself, hence the request for blood tests as I new something was physically wrong with me and that it was not my imagination.I don't need to) and work one-to-one with my clients to deal with their problems sympathetically and in a way that best suits their needs and goals.which is the use of hypnosis plus suggestions for positive changes to thoughts and behaviour.I can also show you how to lose weight, stop smoking orincrease your self confidence,(personal or professional.) In fact you've definitely come to the right place because I am perhaps Bedfordshire's busiest and best known therapist, having spent the past 9 years in full-time practice, from professional, confidential offices, in the centre of Bedford.I specialise in working quickly (I don't do any long-term therapy...just wanted to say a big thank you for your support throughout my hypnotherapy experience.It made my wedding day what it should have been ... Also I feel so much better now than I have done in so many years, and I finally think my emetaphobia is finally a thing of the past!

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