Signs i am dating a narcissist

It is the result of unfavourably comparing oneself to other – to their success, their reputation, their possessions, their luck, and their qualities.

It is misery and humiliation and impotent rage and a torturous, slippery path to nowhere.

Being with them is never boring, as they are always capable of suprising and exciting us – and of involving us in an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The excitement makes it very hard for us to let go and to acknowledge just how harmful their inconsistency is for our well-being.

Another aspect that contributes to their special aura is that they always have uncommon and exciting stories to tell.

Most of them are probably greatly exaggerated or even entirely fabricated – but we are not aware of it while we are caught in our blind pursuit of them.

We are extremely drawn to their eccentricities and their anomalous behavior because it provides a welcome diversion.

Consequently, after the end of our relationship to the narcissist we often feel empty and desolate – and we come to regret the fact that we have to return to our seemingly eventless, monotonous and lonely existence.

A large source of this dynamic is pathological envy.

I would then rack my brain trying to figure out the intent of his message – and while doing so I often found myself in a strange state of agony and excitement. And while his shadiness was causing me pain, it also excited me at the same time.

One thing is very true for most narcissists: They are definitely not like your average guy.

It isn’t as obvious as pathological jealousy, and can be insidious and more difficult to define in a relationship.…a compounded emotion.

It is brought on by the realisation of some lack, deficiency, or inadequacy in oneself.

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