Dating of burrows cave who is andrew cuomo dating

But others have stated that Bürgin was merely told this "information" by a fellow researcher and possesses no evidence for his assertion.

Some sceptics claim that the "gold" never existed, that it has never been seen.

That's not true, because early researchers did see it.

I have been shown colour photographs of apparently gold artefacts by Burrows himself; I still have some of these photos in my possession, and they are available for viewing on my website.

The story of the Burrows Cave is more about human behaviour than archaeology.

It is the story of an alleged cave containing the tomb of an African king who reached North America in the 1st century AD – and the subsequent controversy that the artefacts created. In version one of our story, Russell Burrows accidentally discovered a cave along a branch of the Little Wabash River near his home town of Olney, Illinois, USA, in 1982.

If Burrows wanted to get rich from creating fake artefacts, his hoax was obviously ill executed.

A golden spearhead lay in the woman's ribs, where the heart would have been.

The skulls of the children showed signs of perforation.

The so-called Burrows Cave is famous for its large numbers of inscribed stones, often containing profiles of people who look African, Egyptian and European as well as Native American.

On first sight they look crude: the work of an amateur or someone meeting an imminent deadline.

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