Reasons for dating a tennis player

In a bid to boost her game, she spent much of the following year recovering from the surgery, which took her cup size down from 34DD to a more modest 34C.

Another player who was attracting much attention today was Serena Williams as she began her attempt to claim a fifth Wimbledon title - and third in a row - despite barely lifting a racquet in anger in the past year.: It looks like a full day's tennis could be in store with temperatures reaching a comfortable 19 or 20C.

This expression has been in use since 1926.steal a march on To gain an advantage over, to get the jump on, to be a step ahead of.

This expression originally had to do with the stealthy movement of troops without the enemy’s knowledge.

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By the mid-19th century, this Americanism was used figuratively to refer to any position of the catbird seat In an advantageous position or condition; ahead of the game; also sitting in the catbird seat. The exact origin of this 20th-century expression is unknown; it may come from the game of checkers in which one player jumps ‘takes possession of’ another player’s checkers—literally advancing one checker in front of another one—in order to win the game.sitting pretty In a favorable situation or condition; at an advantage; successful; well-to-do; well-off, set.

Arguably the best two-winged looper in table tennis history, Ma's playing style is that of the modern strategy of close-range third ball play.

At the beginning of his career, his play strategy was primarily forehand-oriented, dominating play with powerful forehand loops, only using his backhand for controlled returns and to set up the forehand.

This original use referring exclusively to a fast draw may be related to at the drop of a hat.

(See INSTANTANEOUSNESS.) The idea of covering a person with a gun before he can draw his own soon gave rise to the current figurative the weather gage of To obtain the advantage over; to get the better of.

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