Dating vintage unsigned bracelet

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In 2000, the company was sold to Liz Claiborne and production was moved overseas.The photo below shows a 1958 Trifari vintage jewelry ad for their “Fascination” line.Here are some helpful links to sites with Trifari vintage jewelry ads and catalogs: Illusion Jewels Researching Costume Jewelry “RCJ” – Vintage Trifari Jewelry Ads Morning Glory Antiques (4 pages, organized by decade) – Jewelry Advertising, Trifari Ads, 1940s Morning Glory Antiques – Trifari Catalogue, Fall and Winter of 1966 You can also visit our Trifari Vintage Jewelry Ads board on Pinterest: My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Ads on Pinterest Here’s one of the ads on the My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Ads board: Click the image to view the entire board.Leo Krussman joined Trifari in 1917, and Carl Fishel joined as head of sales in 1925.The company name was then changed to “Trifari, Krussman and Fishel” and the logo “KTF” (with an enlarged “T” at the center) was used to mark the jewelry.You can perform similar searches on Etsy, Google, and Ruby Lane.You don’t have to find the same exact piece – just one that is comparable in age with similar materials.Alfred Philippe remained as Trifari’s head designer until his retirement in 1968, and his wonderful patented designs can still be found today among Trifari vintage jewelry sellers and collectors.For more information about vintage jewelry patents, see this article: Vintage Jewelry Patents: Find and Use them to Date Vintage Jewelry Prior to 1955, the top jewelry designers patented their designs to protect them from other jewelry companies who might copy their designs.Dress clips were very popular, and many costume jewelry firms, including Trifari, made beautiful dress clips that had the look of fine jewelry and diamonds.The Trifari CLIP-MATES featured a large brooch that could be separated into two dress clips (see photo below).

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