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All of this sounds like a great idea (that last one is mine)! I asked my husband about it but he said it’s probably a little more insane that he walked in on me biting myself while watching a reality show and suggested that perhaps we get me one of those dog cones for when I have to recap.The ladies (it goes without saying that Farrah is not here) also suggest that Matt needs a lot of therapy and everyone agrees that perhaps Amber needs to make some decisions in her life. Amber literally says something like “I knew I needed help with my relationship so I decided to go on a podcast with psychics” but I don’t know because I was so busy trying to fit my whole fist into my mouth to keep from screaming that I might have missed the actual phrasing. (Un)Fortunately, I’m not doing every episode this season — I’ll be checking in, though! — says that she’s pretty sure Amber has a child and that the child may be a daughter and you know she is being authentic because a fake psychic would have probably read Amber’s bio on Wikipedia at least, so I’ve got to give this woman mad props on her incompetence. One says that Amber’s in a toxic relationship (she's a reality star, so...yeah), the other says that Amber’s pregnant or some shit, and then she goes on to be all “you and Matt are going to get married” and Amber is looking at her with this mix of pity and revulsion, like she’s so mad that this woman knows nothing and also she really thought this was going to be helpful, and also she doesn’t want to call anyone out. But then again, I don’t wander around reminding everyone that I have good self-control, so I’m not held to the same standards.

In fact, we’re treated to several scenes of her watching Maci on stage and smiling that “I’m gonna get you smile” you so often see on movie villains who ultimately have their plots foiled because they’re just not as smart as they think they are.) and see what everyone’s been up to since last season.The show opens a few days before last season’s reunion with Maci freaking out about attending because she doesn’t know what’s going on with Ryan and (correctly) assumes that Mackenzie — #snakeemoji — has something up her sleeve.On a related note, do you ever watch this show and just feel like maybe you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve for being a decent human being?The amount of time the adults on this show spend bragging about how healthy and non-violent they are has really made me think I should start doing it in my personal life.Oh, on the subject of Bentley: Maci says she’s putting her foot down; if Ryan doesn’t stick to his sobriety once he’s out of rehab, she’s not going to let him be around Bentley. I’m sure we’ll hear about this at the reunion, though.As you already know, Amber is fully in control of her emotions, which is why the first few moments of her time on this episode are devoted to watching her yell at Mackenzie and then at Matt (deserved all the way, though).I’ve been calling it since the first season and this woman is living with him.Girl, I get that Ryan’s mom has a nice house you can live in when Ryan and his dad aren’t fighting and no one’s judging you for wanting to be on TV and maybe be added to the cast when Farrah gets fired, but the denial isn’t helping your case. After Maci visits Ryan in rehab, a producer visits Mackenzie to talk about Ryan’s problems, wherein she reveals that Ryan was spending ,000 a week on drugs.Look, I’m not out here making light of Ryan’s addiction — it is serious and I think everyone’s happy he’s getting help — but it sucks to see Mackenzie blaming everything on Maci when it’s clear she must have had an idea something was going on.And unlike Maci, Mackenzie’s not out here trying to go to therapy to reconcile that her feelings of anger are valid but misplaced.

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