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Don’t start looking at your phone when you’re with your date though as she might just think you’re being rude and texting someone else!

Tip 12: Eat food you’ve tried before Never feel like you have to conform to impress your date.

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It’s the same one my Mum wears…” Tip 9: Watch out for any nervous habits Do you pick your nails, touch your face, fiddle with your clothes or drum your fingers on the table when you get nervous?If she’s very shy too, take the initiative and order two different dishes and say: “if you don’t like yours, we can swap.” Tip 8: Compliment her There’s nothing that breaks the ice quite like a lovely compliment – so when you see your date, think of something nice to say about her image (whether that’s her hairstyle or her clothing choice for example).Women love to feel desirable and appreciate it when you notice the effort they’ve made to look good for the date.Tip 5: Mirror check This might sound a little silly to you, but if you usually avoid the mirror, then looking at yourself could reveal a lot about how other people see you. Practise standing confidently and greeting people with a smile (nobody is watching if you’re just at home in front of the mirror…) DURING THE DATE Tip 6: Avoid the limp lettuce handshake You’ve scored yourself a date and it’s time to meet at last.The first 30 seconds are crucial, so don’t let ‘Mr sweaty palm limp lettuce leaf’ handshake ruin everything.You’re looking for love but there’s one problem – you’re painfully shy and hate the idea of ‘singles events’ and getting yourself ‘out there’.Online dating is fine…until you have to stop hiding behind the computer screen and actually meet up in person.If you’ve gained the nickname of ‘Mr Monobrow’, it may be the right time to grab the tweezers.A nice aftershave can make all the difference too, so why not treat yourself?Tip 11: Write a ‘cheat sheet’ of topics to talk about If the thought of awkward silences on dates fills you with dread, why not prepare a note on your phone with a shortcut to topics you can talk about?This can be anything from your hobbies and interests, to the things you know your date is interested in.

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  1. Some companies tout that they partner with many organizations including Craigslist offerings and 'Meet-Up' groups for their events. There is no set start time for the speed dating portion of the night - we like to wait for all daters to arrive, settle in and grab a refreshment before the speed dating portion. Only daters that garner matches are notified approx. How long will I chat with my Prospective ‘Date-Mate’?