Sqlite cache needs updating reading in metadata

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Starting with GDAL 2.0, layers with multiple geometry columns can be created, modified or read, following new API described in RFC 41 In GDAL 1.10, such support was read-only and there were as many OGR layers exposed as there are geometry columns.

Starting with GDAL 2.2, the "JSon String List", "JSon Integer List", "JSon Integer64List" and "JSon Real List" SQLite declaration types are used to map the corresponding OGR String List, Integer List, Integer64List and Real List types.

The field values are then encoded as JSon arrays, with proper CSV escaping.

If geometry_columns is found, it will be used to lookup spatial reference systems in the spatial_ref_sys table.

While the SQLite driver supports reading spatial data from records, there is no support for spatial indexing, so spatial queries will tend to be slow (use Spatialite for that).

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