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At the time, the “Shower” singer told PEOPLE that the girls of Fifth Harmony “are like family.

It’s like a family reunion when we all get together.

Made so many new friends on a beautiful and important night @Revolution Live. Heard some amazing new [email protected] Mahone sounds better than ever.

Thank you @its Frankie P for being such a loving, caring leader in the community AAm Honored to perform w/ @jackandjack & others at the Benefit Concert for #Stoneman Douglas at @Revolution Live on Friday.

This is the 21st century - forget the bar and the creepy people in it - one-on-one phone chatting is where it`s at.

Teen heartthrob Austin Mahone has confirmed his relationship with Becky G, leaving ex-girlfriend, Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello, a little confused.

I love them.” Despite the potentially awkward situation, there isn’t any doubt that the two new lovebirds are an item.

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As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.It features Mahone and gives fans an inside glimpse of their oh-so-adorable relationship.Early during my third year of law school I was sitting in the library with my crew of friends, skipping class and trading stories about our summers.She was SMOKING HOT and wasn’t even close to being the best one there.And the very best part: cover charge and bottles and wells.” After initially calling bullshit, PWJ finally convinced us that this Lost City of Cibola did exist. Jon Benet summed it up, “And I used to think there was a bright line between a gentleman’s club and a brothel. But as the departure date loomed closer, some of the group started taking dives. -Brownhole is basically a pussy and a sycophant and was afraid that being arrested with us would ruin his political career. -Credit was dating a girl who Sling Blade once referred to as “The most evil demon-slut in the long history of female chicanery and deception.” Credit is a spineless coward and wanted to keep dating her, so he begged off the trip.On a crisp Thursday night in early October, Sling Blade, PWJ, El Bingeroso and I began our journey to Dallas.We would soon become known to the State of Texas by our historical names: Pestilence, Plague, Hunger, and Death.During the second dance, she turned around and basically dry humped me for the entire song.I didn’t get a third dance, but if I did I could have all but have had sex with the girl.In a seeming allusion to the news, Cabello took to Twitter the same day Mahone made the announcement saying, “Damn …good to know.” Becky G, 18, has close ties to her beau’s ex: she and Cabello collaborated together, along with the other ladies of Fifth Harmony, for an anti-smoking campaign in February.

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