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I dug out my old Cortez Guitar the other day and found it in almost perfect shape after nearly thirty years in a guitar case. It was blond, all Maple, a beautiful looking guitar.....after playing it in the store and driving the owner crazy, he ask me if I was gonnna buy it or play it to death.... I have recently came across a Cortez 12 String in flawless condition. Cortez is the only name other that than the fact is was made in Japan. I have been playing a lot of acoustics and none of them sound so clear and full than this one. I will keep it Peter I have this old 12 string Cortez guitar that I purchased new in 1976.

However I noticed someone said they made guitars up until 1986. The guitar feels and plays great and I can finally put my 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold top Deluxe to my investment vault. It sounds amazing and a guitar like this to me is worth every bit of 100 dollars, however i wouldn't sell it for 500 dollars.

The only think I'm not sure of is at least approximate year of manufacturing since they are two different styles of Cortez inlay on the headstock and I believe mine is older than those with the "t" being totally different. The value of a guitar varies but if you know what you are looking at and you know how to examine the different properties of a guitar than you can put your own price on it.

I'll post the pic of the headstock after I find which computer I saved it in Beautiful, hand made classical guitar. Do a little research and talk to someone who can look at it and critique it with a professional eye.

They stopped making cortez guitars in 1986 so the value of them may be increasing.

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Here, one of the twins is a divorced mother whose 11-year-old daughter, Nicki, befriends another girl, Mary, in summer school.I would love to know how much I could get for these guitars, so if anyone has a site that list guitars and prices, please let me know, OK???? I am thinking of getting new strings and picking it up again. The only thing I can think of is maybe it is a newer version? I recently bought a Cortez Les Paul copy from a "lefty" who claimed it was playable but not for him. man I have one of these and have only found one thing related specifically to this model. It looked brand new where mine looks 30 years old but clean. I'm not sure how to find out how much it is worth unfortunately.I just pulled out my 12 string Cortez with original strings (needs new) and it looks to be in perfect condition. I know they made that version in 1969-70 and were called "Lawsuit Guitars". When I got it I found out he was a Lefty because the frets were re-crowned to 1/32" and the bridge saddles were so messed up it was impossible to play past 7th or 8th fret. I play it acoustically, my Gibson Byrdland electrically ... SBThurgood i have been thinking about building a small site devoted to cortez guitars were we can compile as much info as we can before its lost for good there seems to be so very little info out there on cortez guitars its crazy if you have any factual information pertaining to cortez guitars please send it to me at [email protected] site were or how you came about the information also looking for pictures of your cortez please include model and serial number as well as any info you have about the guitar including were or how you obtained it i cant do this with out help from other cortez owners thanks and please re post were applicable pictures and information may be posted on the website credit will be given to sender : : I dug out my old Cortez Guitar the other day and found it in almost perfect shape after nearly thirty years in a guitar case. I recently bought a classical cortez in flawless condition for a hundred dollars. The tuning machines are gold with etched details all over them.It's a six string acoustical and I was told, when I bought it at a music store, that it was a copy of the Gibson Hummingbird. Some small scratches (very few.) Pick groove from playing. I took the money that I had put down on the Ovation, and switched it over to the Cortez. I can't believe how good this guitar sounds yet today. I have a Cortez Gull electric bass that has been a great instrument for me for many, many years.It has a red body, no knicks or scratches and a lot of mother of pearl in-lay. On the veneer, on the Head Stock, there is an area straight across the three areas between the bottom and center Tuning Pegs. The sound was full and loud, and everywhere I took that guitar, it got compliments.... I have no idea how much it is worth today, probably not a lot (I didn't pay much for it - think guitar and case ran 9). I bought a Les Paul copy Cortez at the flea market for and I fixed a tone knob and put new strings for like and it plays great! A COTZ JR" Model Num: 500c serial Num 1914 I have looked everywhere for a price list and yet nothing, i was wondering if any of you could help? I purchased it from a wholesale distributor when I used to sell instruments in my retail store. Hi, I was searching around google and came across your old post. Mike (Illinois) Hi, Mike Yes, I do still have the bass.How would I go about finding out how much it might be worth? I would put my Capo over the headstock to hide the Cortez name, and everyone would say, "Wow that is a beautiful Gibson J-200, how much did you pay for it", I'd let them play it and they would just love it. Thanks, Jeff made in japan....have partial serial # due to age..... What I don't understand is why they are not worth more money - the sound is unbelievable - nice tone/ring to it. A bud of mine has a real Les Paul and says he cannot tell the difference at all. Hey guys, I have come across a Cortez Guitar that I dug out from the attic. Cheers I think I have a J-6000 but there there is no sticker inside of it to identify it or the model and serial number. I'll have to do some investigating to see how old it is. DO you still have the bass and are willing to sell it? And I believe I have the original case - would have to do some checking. I picked it up, it was a Cortez J-200, it looked just like a Gibson J-200, exactly from the markings on the neck to the cool looking vines and circles on the pick guard, the only difference I could find was it said Cortez instead of Gibson, and the price was 0, a not 00. I have not seen anything on this particular model at all. Read Mine sound great and I would be stupid to sell it under a 1000$.

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