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Make a data table and, at regular intervals (you decide how long), record the time on the clock and the volume of water in the graduated cylinder.Stop after about 30 minutes, unless Frosty has completely melted earlier.They should also understand that the atoms of any element are alike but are different from atoms of other elements.Atoms may stick together in well-defined molecules or they could be packed together in large arrays.The exercise they will go through of working backwards from measurements to age should help them understand how scientists use carbon dating to try to determine the age of fossils and other materials.

The lab stations should have been set up already as described in the Planning Ahead section above.

There were no eyewitnesses, but there are several suspects. You need to determine the exact time at which Frosty was put into the funnels to melt away, leaving no trace.

On a separate sheet of paper, immediately record the volume of Frosty's melted remains (water) in your graduated cylinder and note the time on the clock.

For the laboratory portion of this lesson, you will have to set up the ring stands, rings, funnels, and graduated cylinders.

Fill the funnels with ice before the students arrive in the classroom.

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