Creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor

15156 16 The password that you specified is too long.

The password should have no more than %d characters.

15008 16 User ‘%s’ does not exist in the current database. 15077 16 Rule, table, and user data type must be in the current database.

It should be ‘on’, ‘off’, ‘0’, or a number from 24 through 7000. This account has been temporarily locked as a precaution against password guessing. 15123 16 The configuration option ‘%s’ does not exist, or it may be an advanced option.

A system administrator can unlock this login with the UNLOCK clause of ALTER LOGIN. 15124 16 The configuration option ‘%s’ is not unique. 15127 16 Cannot set the default language to a language ID not defined in syslanguages.

15141 16 The server principal owns an %S_MSG and cannot be dropped. 15147 16 No decryption password should be provided because the private key of this %S_MSG is encrypted by a master key. 15153 16 The xp_cmdshell proxy account information cannot be retrieved or is invalid.

15143 16 ‘%s’ is not a valid option for the @updateusage parameter. 15148 16 The data type or table column ‘%s’ does not exist or you do not have permission. Verify that the ‘%.*ls’ credential exists and contains valid information.

] 15072 16 Usage: sp_addremotelogin remoteserver [,loginname [,remotename]] 15074 10 Warning: You must recover this database prior to access.15097 16 The size associated with an extended property cannot be more than 7,500 bytes.15098 16 The name change cannot be performed because the SID of the new name does not match the old SID of the principal.15128 16 The CHECK_POLICY and CHECK_EXPIRATION options cannot be turned OFF when MUST_CHANGE is ON.15129 16 ‘%d’ is not a valid value for configuration option ‘%s’.


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