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But, just now I noticed that even the playlists created by default by i Tunes (Recently Played and Top 25 Most Played) are also not updating - so it must not be just the podcast thing.

Is it possible dynamic updating doesn't work at all on 6G i Pods? I played around a little more and it looks like it's not *completely* broken - the 'My Top Rated' playlist updates as I change ratings.

If I played them in i Tunes they did get updated and were removed from the list. I have found the same problem with podcasts, which is a real pain, since I have to go back and remove them manually from the i Pod buy marking them not new. Only one of the 80gig Videos is mine, the other two belong to my parents and my girlfriends parents.

So next I setup my playlists to play any song that had a play count of less than 1. Or I can go to the i Pod and play them again, only need to play them for a second or two, then sync again. The only hassle was that I had to filter out every podcast by album or artist, but it was worth it. This is the first time Ive used Last Played as a criteria.

If you have a smart playlist on your i Pod that relies on a playlist that is in i Tunes only, then obviously the live update feature is going to be "delayed" until you dock it.All playlists (except the on-the-go) are set up, maintained, and edited via i Tunes.It seems obvious enough that if the playlist isn't on the i Pod itself it must be in i Tunes (the algorithm could certainly check, at the very least). i Pod updates i Tunes with the list of recently played tracks. i Pod updates it's smart playlists, and if one depends on a playlist not on the device, it assumes it's in i Tunes.I just avoid it and use *Genre contains/does not contain Podcast and that seems to work just fine for me in most cases. If the only way it knows to change out a song is when one of the intermediaries does so, and that intermediary playlist isn't on the ipod, then it will not change your ipod's smart playlist 'till itunes boots up again.Because of this issue, I avoid the Podcast and Playlist rules entirely now, and while I use the Album Rating rule I do so knowing that the playlist it creates won't live update on the i Pod and will only get updated when I sync back to i Tunes. Album rating may be calculated by itunes and not the ipod (since itunes has the whole album and maybe your ipod doesn't?Not to mention, you can't mass edit the genre tag without writing over what was already there.Anyway, then you can make a smart playlist that puts the least recently played 100 songs from each genre on your i Pod.Only if it can't find it on the device OR in i Tunes should it "break" the live update. I get only limited success with the "Last Skipped is not in the Last X [amount of time]" command.It works on i Tunes, but if I skip a tune on my i Pod, then refresh the SPL, it usually does not clear itself.I played the first 4 tracks and found that as they played, the songs were removed from the SPL.To me, this indicates that the i Pod is capable of updating playlists dynamically.

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