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He and his unit worked with Iraqi security forces to defeat al-Qaeda and Iranian-sponsored insurgent groups, and the Bronze Star was awarded for the unit’s efforts during deployment.“Being in a position of a commander,” Zemp said, “there is a tremendous amount of pride (in being awarded the medal) because it represents what your men have done.

And it serves that someone is recognizing that.”Zemp was injured in a blast that also injured two others soldiers and killed one Iraqi Army soldier.

They didn’t run, and they stood up for their population.

From that point forward, it was kind of a turning point.

“There was a lot of hope, and things are generally better over there.”Zemp is a 1988 graduate of Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Va., and a 1992 graduate of The Citadel.

But what came out of that was it was one of the first times the Iraqi unit stayed on top of it.Everyone are eyeing how the Dow Jones Industrial Average will behave these few days. We need to have this kind of data to guide us whether it is a right time for us to go in. We are just a small investor looking for a better life ahead of us.Dow Jones still trade within their range at their most strongest supporting level of 7,449.38 point which must not be break or else it might turn very ugly.He said his troops were surrounded during a Shiite uprising.“It was a small unit.About 300 of us in a small urban area, in about 24 hours, were surrounded.“And whether it’s the scale of ethics, morals or the amount of courage they show on a daily basis, it is unmatched.It’s a privilege to be with them.”Zemp said the situation in Iraq was much different this time around than the previous two assignments. You see some things that no person should have to see, but at the same time, with the Iraqi people stepping forward, it is marked improvement.”In another difference, Zemp and his troops lived among the civilians in Mahmudiyah on this assignment.He recently returned from service in Iraq has been awarded two of the nation’s top medals by the United States Army. Zemp’s) superb leadership, technical and tactical expertise and commitment to excellence while serving in combat operations contributed to the overwhelming success of the command’s mission,” the brief continued.In December 2008, Zemp, commander of 3rd Battalion, 320th Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for his service as a battalion commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom.“The medal is awarded to an individual who, while serving in the U. Armed Forces, has performed a heroic act, meritorious achievement or distinguished service during armed conflict or ground combat while engaged against an armed enemy of the United States,” according to a brief from the Army/Air Force Hometown News service. Zemp, son of Sid and Madge Zemp of Hartsville, was stationed in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, and commanded 700 soldiers responsible for an area known as the Triangle of Death.“(The younger soldiers in the unit) continue to dispel the myths about them,” the 16-year military member said.He said many believe the younger generation doesn’t take things seriously and underachieves, but his soldiers have consistently proven those myths to be false.“We see day and day again, they do a tremendous job with very little resources,” he said.

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