Private sex lines

With 61% of monitored waterways now too polluted to swim in and 74% of freshwater life threatened with extinction, New Zealand’s freshwater is at crisis point.

The Sir Peter Gluickman report, the NIWA report and the Ministry for the Environment report were released earlier this year and are highly critical of the impact government policy and current land use practices are having on the health of our waterways.

This isn’t a surprise considering the property portfolios they hold, with Nathan Guy topping the list owning a whopping 21 properties.

In 2010, National rushed through a bill under urgency removing all democracy from Canterbury’s environmental regional council, with Nick Smith later claiming full democracy “carries too many risks“.

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NZ Tops List Of Developed Countries With Most Homeless – Thanks National You Do Us Proud & More Local Muck National has refused to introduce policy to curb demand such as a capital gains tax, restrictions on foreign ownership, removal of tax incentives for investors or limits on immigration.In reality, it was a bribe to try and push through a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Saudi Arabia which still hasn’t eventuated.Flying Sheep & Dodgy Deals: The NZ Government Paid Million In Taxpayer Funded Hush Money To An Influential Saudi Businessman To Prevent A ‘Possible’ Lawsuit With no answers to what taxpayers have received in return for the .5 million, the Saudi bribe highlights National’s willingness to blatantly use taxpayer funds to further their own agenda.Our rights and environmental protections have slowly been eroded away year after year, while the rich have become richer as the poor become poorer.We are now leaders in the world for child poverty, housing unaffordability, teen suicide and species facing extinction, which leads to the pertinent question: where is this ‘Brighter Future’ National promised New Zealand?New Zealand has been crowned with the highest teen suicide rate in the OECD, but despite the massive 60% increase in demand for services across the country, funding has only increased by 28% since 2008.With Canterbury still recovering from earthquake Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Jonathan Coleman decided to cut mental healthcare funding, leading to shocking facilities which even government appointed reviewers considered too awful to visit.305,000 New Zealand children now live in poverty, ranking New Zealand 34th out of 41 countries for child wellbeing.With substandard, overcrowded, cold, damp homes, and the cost of living rising while minimum wage is far below the living wage, families are unable to feed, clothe, or properly care for their children while meeting costs such as electricity and heating.The government raised .7 billion from the partial privatisation of Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy, Genesis Energy and Air New Zealand, much lower than what was expected.The ex Merrill Lynch foreign exchange trader allowed prices to be set far too low, with wealthy overseas investors now owning 39% of Air New Zealand compared to Kiwi investors owning just 9%. Having originally promised to use asset sales funds to solely fund health, education and transport, Bill English went back on his word only allocating 56% as promised and instead spending over billion on other projects such as for a new archive system for TVNZ, Government House Visitor Centre upgrades and funding a new Chinese Bank.

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