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As of 2006, its Southern accent is strongly reported throughout the U. states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky, as well as most of Texas, eastern and southern Oklahoma, southern Missouri, southeastern Maryland, West Virginia, northern Florida, and southeastern New Mexico.

The accent of some Midland American English (often identified as a South Midland accent) is documented as sharing some features with the Southern accent, though to a weaker extent, including in northern Oklahoma, eastern and central Kansas, Missouri, the southern halves of Illinois and Indiana, southern Ohio, western Delaware, and south-central Pennsylvania.

In the modern era, the Southern accent is receding in some places.

Southern Louisiana English especially is known for some unique vocabulary; long sandwiches are often called poor boys or po' boys, woodlice/roly-polies called doodle bugs, the end of a bread loaf called a nose, and pedestrian islands and median strips alike referred to as neutral ground.The Savannah accent is also becoming more Midland-like.The following vowel sounds of Atlanta, Charleston, and Savannah have been unaffected by typical Southern phenomena like the Southern drawl and Southern Vowel Shift: Southern Louisiana, as well as some of southeast Texas (Houston to Beaumont), and coastal Mississippi, feature a number of dialects influenced by other languages beyond English.Southern dialects originated in large part from a mix of immigrants from the British Isles, who moved to the American South in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the creole or post-creole speech of African slaves.Upheavals such as the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and World War II caused mass migrations of those and other settlers throughout the United States.Most of southern Louisiana constitutes Acadiana, dominated for hundreds of years by monolingual speakers of Cajun French, which combines elements of Acadian French with other French and Spanish words.This French dialect is spoken by many of the older members of the Cajun ethnic group and is said to be dying out.This article is about English as spoken in the Southern United States.For older English dialects spoken in this same region, see Older Southern American English. English is a large collection of related American English dialects spoken throughout the Southern United States, though increasingly in more rural areas and primarily by white Americans.Southern American English as a regional dialect can be divided into various sub-dialects, the most phonologically advanced (i.e., the most recently shifted) ones being southern varieties of Appalachian English and certain varieties of Texan English.African-American English has many common points with Southern American English dialects due to the strong historical ties of African Americans to the South.

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