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The two married in the spring after Sue’s graduation.“All of his family was coming from a long way, but my family was from the Richmond area,” Sue said.Nearly 45 years after that German 101 class, neither Sue nor John speaks German anymore.John and Kerry Farrell John and Kerry Farrell ’89 met at the third day of orientation during an orientation cookout on Lake Matoaka.I was with a group of guys, and I walked up to this table of cute girls.Kerry was one of them.” They began hanging out regularly in each other’s halls and would go to dances together.

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“During orientation they try to get you to meet people.“Two of the other couples live in Richmond, and we have season tickets to William and Mary football. We call it ‘the tradition continues,’ because our parents used to do it for us growing up and when we were students.” Today, John and Sue have two children.When their son came to the College for his MBA, he met his significant other, and their daughter met her husband here, too.The Kappa Sigs sang to us and the Pi Phis sang to us.It was very special.” To this day, the couple’s closest friends are four of Sue’s sorority sisters. “We always get together at homecoming and other events,” Sue said.Door haar jarenlange ervaring in de verlichtingsindustrie heeft GL optic de expertise om eenvoudig te bedienen apparatuur te ontwikkelen welke voldoen aan de huidige standaarden.GL Optic biedt een compleet assortiment van portable spectrometer tot high end spectrometrie lab systemen, spheres tot twee meter diameter en Goniometers.List of famous alumni from College of William and Mary, with photos when available.Prominent graduates from College of William and Mary include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more.“Sometimes we went to the Crim Dell and fed the ducks.One day we carved our names into the tree behind Jefferson.” Kerry soon joined Phi Mu, and she took John to most every sorority function as her date. “One night my hallmate, Dave, who is still one of my best friends, and I, had a little too much to drink,” John said, “So we went outside her window at Barrett and serenaded her with a Stevie Wonder song, ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You.’” Not long after Kerry and John got married, one of John’s hall mates married Kerry’s freshman roommate.

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