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“That was the most amazing feeling, to be a wife and have a husband and to have that relationship,” she said.Eleven weeks after their wedding, Daniel dropped dead. I just really hope that it’s soon.” Wruble is part of a group known, in the lingo of the dating world, as second-time singles—people who have been widowed or divorced who are looking for new spouses.“That’s pretty much the only way to describe it,” she explained. Wruble, who is Modern Orthodox, has found it hard being single in her community, with its emphasis on marriage and family.“It was so sudden and traumatic.” However much she misses him, Wruble craves that amazing feeling again. But the Modern Orthodox community has recently started paying particular attention to second-time singles, helping them find a new match through specially tailored events and dedicated matchmakers.It could be argued that cohabitation with a male mate is just a mechanism for procreation and anything more is an unnecessary distraction. It would seem like something worth looking forward to.

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Women (and even men) are taught that men are basically animals.

By broadcasting the importance of marriage, and it is important, we may also be projecting negativity toward single women.

I think it would be good for our community to find a way to create a safe and productive place for single women.

We should not be defining ourselves purely by marital and child bearing status. But I think we didn’t prepare her for this and we should be doing better for our singles. It may not be ideal but it can be a great time in one’s life and great things can be accomplished.

There is so much that needs to be done in our world. Minimizing them into potential baby makers is dehumanizing and we can see how it feels to be left out of the baby making party.

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