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investigators say evidence collected at the scene suggest the vehicle that hit him may have been a mercedes. elizabeth smart took the witness stand today in the trial of the man accused of kidnapping her and assaulting her back in 2002.

it's likely the car has damage to the front end and windshield. she testified she woke up in her bedroom with a cold knife at her throat.

trained monkey catchers worked alongside anti-terrorist commandos and secret service agents. elizabeth smart takes the witness stand, describing the terrifying night she was kidnapped from her bedroom. retired general air force william sipe is working with the mission readiness. they saw a wind chill this afternoon in the upper 30s, and albany reported their first snowfall of the season. you can see that moisture making its way all the way down to the philelphia area, and maybe all the way down to the etern shore as this trough really digs in. there is a new study out that says laptop computers could affect fertility in men.

also, we'll tell you the danger laptop kpucomputers migh have on men. the group is dedicated to recruiting more yog people for the military. they saw snowfall and visibility down to about a mile. no reason for this storm to move so it's sgoing to stay there, which means we'll see similar effects during the day tomorrow. the study is in the journal of fertility and sterility. [ man ] because now, with verizon fios, you don't have to sign a term contract.

from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. he's become much more of a leer with his crew this year. others say they don't care what people thought if they won that kind of money.

because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. jeff gordon, who is normally very even kheeeled, walked downo confront the driver. [ man ] e you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home yes.

anything high risk will noting allowed on passenger planes.nfl jason garrett, the eighth quarterback in franchise history, the redskins had seen, and that's 11 years. jason garrett, by the way, much more offensive minded than wade phillips and the cowboys certainly need that, and they need tstop the bleeding after a humiliating 45-7 loss the pamme packers loss last night. later in the half off the terps, james pagett grabs a rebound, loses it, gets it back. second half, terpon the brakes again, pulling away from the red hawks. it's the century mark and it's with capital one ba's new checking with rewards, me and the lads earn rewards just for everyday banking. over the last five years, they've also noticed a number of young adults who can't enlist because of their weight. he has to measure and weigh the recruits to make sure they meet the military standards. this was really the first day above average all month, in the month of november, the month of november, of course, just starting out. 52 in quantico, and fredericksburg coming in at a temperature right around 53 degrees. the windy conditions will move offshore so winds of 20 to 30 miles an hour cabe expected and th's really not that bad. no study directly links infertility and the use of laptops, but research has shown that it takes only a two-degree increase in temperature to damage sperm. wind gusts, 20 in frederick, 25 in winchester, 23 in la plat a coming in at 20 miles an hour. as we move into tonight and tomorrow morning, clear skies, and you might as wellet used to it this time of year. no one has claimed the jackpot yet from saturday's powerball drawing, and there may be a reason for that. there is little hope now with tony romo out injured, but jones spoke his word stick it out with wade for the season and the hopes of a fresh start to turn the organization around. the official beginning of gary williams 22nd season, his head coach -- and let me tell you this -- he made it look very, very easy. mitt romney: this president cannot tell us that you're... congressman gerry connolly got out of the hospital today, and tomorrow he could get a call from his opponent in virginia's 11th congressional dtrict race. betts agreed to leave his fnt door open for saunde to enter, but saunders went in with three friends with the intent of robbing betts. the screening area installed after the 9/11 attacks violate preservation laws, so they're considering several options for a permanent security station at the base of the monument along with suggestions of the public. the white house just released a statement that the passengers of avias 514 are recovering well from effects of the substance they were exposed to on board.the "washington post" is reporting that keith fimian will concede and not request a recount. president obama wrapped up his trip to india and during his trip, he endorsed india's attempt to become a permanent member of the u.n. he also promised to continue pushing pakistan to crack down on terror and bring the suspects in the 2008 terror attacks to justice. it's new checking with rewards at capital one banks all over the dc area. it will take at let another year for a pn to be approved. coming up tonight, a report on why america's obesity problem has some peoe worried about national security. there's never been a better time to stock up -- only at giant. [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. they alsoay they will be released as soon as doctors determine their condition is stable. we want to finish tonight with a trick play between t schools in texas. the team's quarterback pleaded with the refers that the ball was misplaced and it should be five yards up field. he could go all the -- there he goes, all the you're no long g Jeff Gordon 5, Saunders 4, Betts 4, Washington 3, Denny Hamlin 3, India 3, Nascar 2, Pnc 2, D.c.the neighbors tell us they only learned of the burn the day before it happened, and they say th would have liked mo more notice. 71-year-old duffy clarity was hitn the 120th block of southwest this morning. his family reported him missing saturday afternoon.knowing the driver has been identified will help the family's sense of closure.

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