Prohibiting interracial dating at the work place

(Eugenics was later widely discredited as pseudoscience.)In part in order to accomplish this separation of races, the state found it necessary to keep track of who was white, black, and Indian.

Local registrars were required to report all births, deaths, and, , marriages to the state registrar, along with people's racial identification. Plecker, was a white supremacist and a believer in eugenics who recognized that his new position could be used to prevent the mixing of races. According to Powell, the group was dedicated to finding the "fundamental and final solutions of our racial problems in general, most especially of the Negro problem." Race-mixing was a priority concern for these men.White Virginians had long been concerned with carefully defining the legal rights of different races.Interracial relationships and thus mixed-race children were common from the earliest settlement period among whites, free blacks, and Indians, and especially under created separate racial categories in order to establish status and rights.They also argued that African Americans, Indians, poor people, criminals, prostitutes, and alcoholics all suffered from inferior genes.For this reason, many eugenicists maintained, it was critically important that whites not mix with supposedly inferior races.But in the latter year, the assembly broadened its definition of a colored person to someone with one-sixteenth or more "negro blood.", or a way of organizing society in which whites used the law, social customs, and sometimes violence to maintain power over other racial groups.In time, some whites came to believe that their power was threatened by immigration and, especially, racial mixing.Helping to fuel these concerns was the eugenics movement, which was based on the idea that humans can be selectively bred in similar ways to plants and animals.Using large statistical studies, eugenicists purported to scientifically demonstrate that mental illness and criminal tendencies were inherited and should be specifically limited in the human population.However, that number dropped drastically in 1920, to 164,171.Some white people wondered whether this change, along with a longer, more gradual decline in the number of black Virginians, was the result of African Americans "passing" as white.

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