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At the beginning, Handheld PCs and Personal Digital Assistents (PDAs) are supported with the processor architectures as MIPS 3000/4000, Super H of Hitachi and Intel x86.The 32-bit operating system has a limit of up to 32 processes with up to 32 MB virtual memory for each process.The update Windows CE 2.10 in July 1998 allows the use of TCP/IP and the file system FAT32.With the modular file wrapper can be incorporated up to 256 different file systems. The new command line processor allows in this release for the first time the use of commands without a graphical user interface.

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Windows CE 1.0 has been presented at the COMDEX, Las Vegas in November 1996.The graphical user interface and usability has similarities with Windows 95 and has been designed especially for embedded devices.The application programming interface (API) contains a subset of the Win32 API used for Windows on personal computers.Important innovations in this release are the support of Persistant Storage to prevent a data loss at a low battery usage and the revised mobile Office with Word, Excel and Powerpoint.The Windows Media player was updated to version 10 and the sync software Active Sync to version 4.0.Windows Container support relies on the Windows 10 container feature, which is experimental at this point.Windows 10 Pro (1607, build number 14393) requires update This problem is fixed as of Beta 23 for subsequent auto-updates.The Pocket Media Player can now play videos in Windows Media 9 format.A WLAN stack was added and the setup of the connections was made easier. 2004 for Pocket PCs can switch over the display contents between the portrait and landscape format and displays up to 480 640 pixels.For system requirements, see What to know before you install.Release notes for This problem is fixed as of Beta 23 for subsequent auto-updates.

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