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Before Judas can kill her, Glick’s spirit pulls her away, to Creek’s gun.Annie shoots Judas, killing him, noting that he has heterochromia as well.A decent Horror and a must see for fans of Caity an English cozy mystery for the screen, based on a recent set of mysteries by James Runcie.

Stevie, Annie, and Stevie’s protective brother Giles go to the house.Really, it’s all there – if you are observant, you don’t need the characters to spell it out for you.I found the characters and dialog very believable (for a horror film, of course.).In the final scene, which may or may not be a part of Annie’s dream, Judas’ eye opens, and he looks around.Most horror movies either insult the audience a little by over-explaining, or they leave many elements simply unexplained (which can be a plus too.) This one actually gives you all the clues you need to put it together and get the answers.An unseen force tries to attack Annie, but she is able to escape the house with Eva.The police don’t believe Annie’s story, with one officer, Bill Creek, implying her guilt in the disappearances.The next day, Annie attends her mother’s funeral, and it is shown that Annie has one blue eye and one green eye, but her mother didn’t.After the funeral, Annie meets Liz and Eva, and the three return to Annie’s mother’s house.Outside, Giles blasts Annie for putting his sister Stevie in harm’s way.They have a brief altercation, and Giles angrily drives away with Stevie, leaving Annie all by herself.

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