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Language, perhaps the most important feature, is a symbolic form of communication.

The word table, for example, is nothing other than a symbol for the actual thing, a table. Without language, culture could not be transmitted, people could not learn from one another across generations, and there would be no cultural continuity.

THE GREAT DEBATE There is a great debate in social science about what it is that shapes us both as individuals and as members of society.

With regard to individuals, this debate is about "nature versus nurture," meaning whether it is our inherited genetic predisposition ("nature") or what we learn as we grow up ("nurture") that predominantly shapes us and our differences as individuals.

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"Everyone," he went on to say, "knows that, worldwide, men as a group are smarter than women." He pointed to the fact that men in every culture held more powerful positions than women as proof.

While there are many different tribal groups speaking many different languages, and today many nation-states, there are features such as social structures that most of the tribes share.

Another example is East Asia: China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

They also developed a language they used to communicate with each other that enabled them to transmit learning to future generations.

Over time, increasing communication between early human groups broke down geographic isolation.

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