Dating face paint

You know, your FOXWORTHIES, your FUNKES, your SWANSONS, but not necessarily your GALLAGHERS PER SE, because you have to draw the fucking line somewhere.You are also pleased to contemplate FRIGHTENING FAUNA, though saddened by their regrettable FAKENESS ATTRIBUTE.Dealing the low income bucolic classes affectionate sass ad nauseum isn't what you'd call your cup of tea. Every time he starts rattling off pointers on how to self-diagnose bumpkinhood, you just get lost in that pair of blue twinklers and those soft auburn lipbristles. You've got a lot of Problem Sleuth stuff, because you think detective stories are just so swell. 11/16/11 "Jane: Captchalogue all." Your sylladex is so great. 11/16/11 "Jane: Inspect books." You have a COOKBOOK, which of course was made obsolete by your computerized talking bowlbuster. 11/16/11 "Jane: Insert hat card." Ok, you'll try it out with one of your less prized possessions just to prove how dumb it is. It makes you look like a gnome and basically isn't funny at all. The GRISTWIDGET indicates it will cost 10 BOONDOLLARS to convert this object into grist. You have been considering using your wealth to set up a scholarship fund to allow underprivileged kids to go to booncollege. 11/16/11 "Jane: Wear tiaratop." You put on your highly fashionable UNREAL HEIRESS THOUGHTWAVE TIARATOP and flip it on.

What sort of vulgar, childish moniker were you going to stick this poor bastard with? You would love to travel around the world, toppling any SACRED URNS you encountered. You can basically take this story LITERALLY ANYWHERE, as long as you don't pick one of those shadowy characters, and as long as the panels are actually finished being drawn. 11/12/11 "Jane: Get hat." You captchalogue your FAVORITE HAT, which is also your ONLY HAT. Not the most awe inspiring logo you've ever seen, but who are you to judge? (You make a mental note that when you turn 18 and inherit the company you will change it back to a spoon, you love the spoon.) 11/14/11 "Jane: Examine bowlbuster." Sure enough, the JUNIOR BATTERMASTER'S BOWLBUSTER STIRRING SOLUTION 50000 has been affected too, along with your specibus. Not the type I'd expect to trot out such persistent falsehoods beyond their humorous welcome.

It just so happens that today, the 11th of November, 2011, is the date scheduled for the launch of a highly exclusive playtesting experience for a much anticipated game.

The young lady is expecting to find this game in her mailbox today.

When it does, you will waste no time in embarking on the game's MAIDEN VOYAGE, and if even a fraction of what you've heard turns out to be true, you are prepared to have the time of your LIFE!!! 11/11/11 "Jane: Quickly retrieve arms from chest." Jane is not empowered to rehash this tired running gag because all of a sudden she is too busy being the other guy. You would describe your taste in film as ECLECTIC, but in truth, it isn't much less than TOTALLY INDISCRIMINATE. The thing about this modus you think is really cool is that instead of showing a completely useless wobbly garbled code on the back, it itemizes the components which could be used to create it! Just another wonderful innovation by your favorite company.

We need to figure out what this fella's name is, pronto! You bluster frequently of exuberance for FIREARMS and FISTICUFFS and ADVENTURE, though have no human company with which to share these interests. It releases many products of an experimental nature, often with applicability to other kinds of technology and products which haven't hit the market yet.

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