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Diesel, apparently sensing my gaze, yawned and stretched. She was shorter than I expected, probably no more than five-three, when she wasn’t standing on the spike heels I had seen her wear.He meowed and rolled onto his side, head twisted so that he was staring at me almost upside down. Though I knew her to be in her mid-sixties, she exuded an air of youthful energy, as if she could barely contain herself.“I believe you wanted to consult me about some family documents.”Mrs. She delved inside and pulled out a large manila envelope. A faint mustiness, overlaid with a whiff of mothballs, wafted out of the open end.“Inside that you will find a volume of a diary written by Rachel Afton Long.I forget at the moment how many times a great-grandmother she is, but she was born around 1820 and died in the mid-1890s, if I am remembering correctly.”I stared at the envelope before me, my excitement growing over the thought of handling such an old document. ” I pulled open a side drawer of my desk and extracted a pair of cotton gloves.The fee for an Iowa Criminal History Record Check through the DCI is per last name.You may request a non-waiver Iowa criminal history record check through our Iowa Criminal History Record Check website.INCLUDES A BONUS SHORT STORY ACKNOWLEDGMENTSONEI checked my watch, then glanced at the clock on my computer. Long, clutching a tote and a black leather handbag, moved forward.They both told me that it was seven minutes after one p.m. My husband and I have three poodles, and we talk to them all the time.”“Won’t you be seated? She set the latter on the floor beside her when she took her seat.

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Lucinda Beckwith Long, the mayor of Athena, Mississippi, has donated a set of Civil War-era diaries to the archives of Athena College.

She would like librarian Charlie Harris to preserve and substantiate them as a part of the Long family legacy—something that could benefit her son, Beck, as he prepares to campaign for the state senate.

The Longs have already given so many collections of papers to the archive, I have to wonder what they’ve been holding on to.”The cat calmly began washing his right front paw.“You may not be curious, but I am,” I told him. ”I swiveled my chair to face the office door, and I could feel the blush starting. Diesel hopped down from his perch and padded around my desk to approach the mayor. “No, no, kitty, what’s in there is too old for you to play with.”The cat stared up at her and warbled as if to say, Are you sure? “He’s also extremely curious.” As I spoke Diesel batted a paw at the tote bag.

“It’s not every day that I get consulted by such an august person as Lucinda Beckwith Long.”I heard a cough, and it didn’t come from Diesel.“I beg your pardon. The mayor stood in the doorway, her expression puzzled. He sniffed at her bags and then attempted to stick his head in the opening of the tote. “No, Diesel, stop that.”The cat threw a baleful glance my way. Long’s chair, and then came back to his perch on the windowsill behind my desk.“Apparently he understands a firm no when he hears one.” Mrs. “Our dogs aren’t always so compliant.”“He isn’t, either,” I had to admit.

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