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This resulted in an explosion within the Ratel causing the vehicle to catch fire. You left behind a very young wife, myself and little brother. Peter was blessed with determination and grit, he also possessed a deep humility, but above all, Peter stood above Brian in one crucial respect, he had a knockout punch. RIP Punchie, I remember you with fondness and respect still to this day. In plaas daarvan dat hulle soos die res van die aanval die vyand frontaal aanval, loop hulle hulle vas in ? Bykans op dieselfde oomblik sterf Vingers Kruger, die man heel buite op die flank. Hy gaan sit op sy hurke om sy wapen se probleem uit te sorteer. n projektiel hom net bokant sy regter middelvinger deur sy hand. One of a squad of Parabats from 1 Parachute Battalion, he was flying in a SAAF SA-330C Puma helicopter, # 132, which was transporting men from 1 Parachute Battalion, when the helicopter was shot down by enemy 23 mm AA fire south-east of Cuvelai in Angola, crashing inverted. The Parabats who died that day are commemorated on the Wall of Rememberance at 1 Parachute Battalion in Bloemfontein.The Ratel crew and passengers were all killed instantly in the explosion. I was there when Peter was killed in a stupid, careless accident near Jan Kempdorp. Russel was my room mate at boarding school at Klerksdorp Techinical High School in 1980, the year we wrote Matric. Tears fell from every troop and every officer at 1 Para, when the announcement of the downing was made, but you would not look any of them in the eye to witness their sadness. We all assembled on the Parade Ground and cried for Brothers, we never met, but were never-the-less Our Brothers.We(the guys) had to move him around in the shade(out of the sun) from 7 am that morning till 11.I can recall when an enemy,terrorist,whatever he was called,was killed,they were picked up very quickly and removed.He was called up to Medics in July 1981 to Klipdrift, Potchefstroom, where he completed basic training.From there Peter commenced his Ops Medic training at 1 Military Hospital and then SAMS College, Voortrekkerhoogte, where he completed the course in March 1982.

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Hierdie basisse is vanaf twee groter streeks hoofkwartiere ondersteun. s, noord van Eheke afgeooi word, en met eerstelig die basis uit die noorde aanval. Die Spesiale Magte is sowat 15 kilometer te ver noord uit die vliegtuie gelaat. Toe Drie Twee nog ook halfpad na die teiken, teen ? Shortly before nightfall I received orders from HQ advising that we should expect insurgents from the south, I questioned the commanding officer and got my worst tongue lashing ever in the process, stupid engelsman etc.

The spirit of Foxtrot Company and the bonds between the men of the company strenghthened, we were brothers. A watch was passed on to the next group of 2 and so on.

I think Richard completed his shift and handed over the watch to the next group and went to the toilet(which was a common thing to do),however with the rain beating on the trees and bushes,it made for eery,almost disturbing sound.

We also liked it when Steve's family came to visit on a Sunday as he had a lovely sister who we all thought was lekker!! Die veld was bebos maar onder is die hout en dekking verwyder. It is with sadness that I was not able to join my Brothers on the Border as a Parabat, but managed to regularly cross their paths, meeting them at various destinations after moving into other active duty on the Border.

Porto came from Sea Point and his father ran a cafe on High Level Rd. Die bees wagtertjie wys na die loopgrawe voor hulle. I salute all our lost Brothers and once again shed my tears, knowing irrespective of what gets said or who has said what about the dedication and selfless sacrifice of all our Brothers who ever served their Military Service, if I could have the chance, I would do it all over again. Diane now lives on the West Coast with her daughter, Sharon.

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