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These will no longer be unlocked through Hero progression but will be available in the Shop (renamed Collection) or in Loot Chests (more below).That includes master skins — if you have enough shards, you can purchase them regardless of your Player or Hero level.At level 5 you get a Hero Portrait, level 15 a Master Hero Portrait, 500 Gold every 5th Hero level, and 1 Hero-Specific Loot Chest every 10th Hero Level. However, it’s not as simple as adding up your current Hero levels as Blizzard is making changes to XP gains as well.Anyone who plays knows that you can usually breeze through the first 5 or 6 levels and then face the long grind to Hero level 10 and beyond.

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So while my Player Level should be 441 when the new patch goes live on April 25th, it will be higher based on the increase in XP Blizzard has implemented. Lower level Heroes will also be adjusted but in a different way.

One of the issues I always found with was once you got into the higher levels, and especially level 10, there wasn’t much to really accomplish.

I begrudgingly play level 10 Heroes because it takes so long to level up and the next reward after level 10 is level 15.

The first is your Player Level, the second is individual Hero levels.

These are currently separate but Progression 2.0 will bring those together and instead of being capped at 40, the Player Level cap has been removed and instead will be the sum of all the Hero levels you’ve gained while playing.

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