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Learning a language is not all fun and games though, not everything will be that enjoyable.What is fun in learning a language is also very different from person to person.This series will be written from the point of view of a self-learner.I will cover classroom learning in another post later in this series.Sometimes people just aren't driven internally (yet) and need a little push to get started.Over time this might develop some intrinsic motivation, but that is not always the case.She guides his penis into her hairy pussy and begins to ride him. Finally, she takes his whole dick into her mouth and begins to suck it nicely.

He removes his clothes and lies on the floor and takes her on him.

This could be reading manga, watching anime, reading novels, playing Karuta, communicating with your significant other or friends, traveling, acquiring linguistic knowledge, having fun, and the list goes on and on.

There are two different kinds of motivation I will talk about: the intrinsically and the extrinsically driven.

I decided to write a short blog series about how I, personally, learned the language since you all seem to be really interested in how the process go - there's plenty of other paths than my own, naturally.

Today we'll be covering reasons for learning the language and setting appropriate goals.

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