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Centuries of bad boys, roues, sequestered geniuses creating Art in towers, studios and garages whose ecosystem – food, cleaning, childcare – is often supplied by offstage females.Here we have artists not only kicking against the disadvantages their status as mothers brings, but exploring its art-enriching synergistic properties.MOTHERSHIP is a group exhibition curated by Elizabeth Byrne and Caro Halford exploring and celebrating the theme of the ‘mother artist’.The fourteen artists have varied practices in drawing, film, installation, painting, photography, print, sculpture, sound and textiles, and each artist is a mother.In the solid colour fields of her canvases Rogue and Quiet Revolution the female forms are hard to discern.State of Mind outlines a heavily pregnant figure in bright pink, with another face sketched over her face, perhaps the face of the child about to be born: expressing the possibility of his identity erasing hers.The role of a mother is an undervalued form of labour.

It is an artistic expression of motherhood literally through the expression of milk.

Steven Troughton-Smith has written several popular apps for i Phone and Mac but he's now almost more globally renowned for digging into Apple's code to see what it spills about upcoming, cancelled or delayed products.

Just last week, the 28-year-old Dublin-based programmer revealed clues about the design of the new i Phone 8 - due out next month - and how it is expected to feature infra-red face recognition to unlock the screen.

Two doors hinge off each other, leading nowhere, covered in photos of female domestic staff and indeterminate fertility symbols.

Suki Chan’s upside down projection Obscura has a claustrophobic vanishing point reflecting those moments in which motherhood – life, perhaps – can seem like a dark room looking out.

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