Lovely complex dating game

Koizumi replies “I guess that was really just an accidental bump. I’ve been trying my best even though you rejected me. Her patience finally snapped and gave Otani a kiss, then realizes he really did faint and can’t remember. I think it’d be fun to watch and see if Otani will get jealous over Koizumi having a huge crush on Maity!

She finally decides that she’s giving up on Otani and that she’s had enough.

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He remembers that when Koizumi visited him, he got real close to her and was staring at her face…

She then suddenly grabs Otani and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. Koizumi thinks nothing will change anyway between her and Otani and says “I give up.” New opening theme: “Hey! Poor Koizumi still confused about Otani and feels reall angry that he can’t remember the supposed “kiss.” It appears Otani really doesn’t remember the kiss at all since he really fainted from his high fever.

This surprises Otani, asking her what that was all about. This makes it even worse for Koizumi since her first kiss resulted from fainting. This episode is a bit on the emotional side especially during the latter part, when Otani and Koizumi are in the classroom.

At the same time, she also implies she is not cute and girly, the type of girls that are very appreciated in Japan, possibly due to her tall stature.

Her favorite artist is Umibozu, her admiration for him going to the point of obsession.

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