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251–63, and the fifteenth-century Athos, Lavra 1573, fols. see idem, ‘De l'apologie à l’évocation de l'expérience mystique.

A model of human decision making based on the J-value is able to explain the shape of the Preston curve that relates life expectancy at birth and gross domestic product (GDP) per head for all the nations in the world.Illustrious beachside towns such as Sperlonga and Fregene as dot the coastline, proposing plenty of stops during an Italy yacht charter.Fregene allows you to truly delve into Italian culture of “La Dolce Vita.” Dating back to the 1600s, Pope Clement IX planted a pine forest that now frames the stunning sands of this littoral treasure.Thus the shape of the Preston curve has been explained and, at the same time, validation has been provided for the J-value model.A perturbation analysis shows that the J-value explanation for the Preston curve starts to break down as the net discount rate is increased above zero.Thus the Preston curve may be seen to validate the J-value model at a net discount rate of zero, but not at higher net discount rates.The result allows a closed-form expression to be derived for the first time for the pure time discount rate, namely the product of the rate of economic growth and the complement of risk-aversion.Just 10km off the coast, between the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas, lies the antique island of Elba — historically known for Etruscan invasions and the exile of French emperor Napoleon.Crystal-clear waters and white-sand beaches stretch along the shoreline as the forested peak of Mount Capanne climbs 3,000 feet upward, displaying a stark and stunning contrast.Walk the cobblestone streets of Rome stopping at the Trevi Fountain.Make sure to stand back to the fountain and throw in a coin to ensure your return to Rome, then stop in a local shop to buy a bottle of wine and enjoy it while sitting on the iconic Spanish Steps to experience the true romance of Rome.

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