Dating my underwood typewriter

The old typewriter models almost always have issues with these at some point during their life span.Sometimes it is as simple as reattaching the strap.My fiance (Kathleen), purchased mine for , which is a heck of a deal considering the condition it was in. If it’s closed frame, the mechanical mechanisms are closed from view and covered by a sheet of metal.Shown in this article is the Underwood typewriter model 6-11. The Open-framed underwood typewriters date from 1900 to the 1930s.I don’t think I’ve posted this info before, so here it is!

In the 1960’s the company was sold to Olivetti, but the story of the Underwood typewriter continues.Wagner and the first underwood typewriter was produced for the Wagner Typewriter Company. Underwood, who was funding and eventually purchased Wagner’s company early in its history. He invented what was referred to as the Hansen Writing Ball.The first production typewriter was produced in 1865 and went into full production in 1870. It look nothing like what people refer to as a typewriter, looking more spherical in shape.Cameron down at Living in the Woods asked today for some date of manufacture info about his Underwood Universal, and mentioned that he couldn’t find any info in the usual sources.I looked it up in my homemade line book, composed of printouts from scans I’ve made of various paper sources, and found a good line chart for Underwood Portables. Most youngsters below 10 years of age, when shown a manual typewriter, don't have a clue how it is used. Until she understands how a collector or pro evaluates old typewriters, any observation is just conjecture.It's not that easy to find: Stand so you can see the carriage from above. Those miniature cast-iron stoves, plows and other machinery, folding knives, entire kitchens, spark plugs and you name it are now prized by collectors.Often confused with children's play miniatures, they are a totally different genre.The number 6 and 11 are displayed to the left and right of the Underwood logo. There counter parts, closed frame models, were produced from the 1930’s onward.The Underwood typewriters are the quintessential antiques for collectors. The Underwood typewriters used various serial numbers to distinguish the various years and makes.

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