Dating warners kidney bottles

The entire catalog with color pictures (zoom in feature for closer inspection) can be viewed on my website at: luck to all and I hope you enjoy the sale!!

Labeled Patent Medicines: Warner’s = Mint, Large Size Log Cabin Extract, Safe Rheumatic Cure, Nervine, Safe Remedies Co. Pontiled Medicines = Complete sealed Cases for = Wheatley’s Spanish Pain Destroyer and Wheatley’s Spanish Liniment, Dr. Jayne’s American Hair Dye, By the Kings Patent True Cephalic Snuff, Bogle’s Hyperion Fluid for the Hair, Comstock & Bros.

I can usually be reached at the phone numbers and times that I’ve already listed in the Bidding section.

I am also currently accepting quality consignments for future auctions.

Please call first before sending anything so we can discuss the items you wish to sell. FOR EXAMPLE, BIDS OF .00, .00 OR 1.00 WILL BE ROUNDED DOWN TO , AND 0.00. Your bid and any left bids will be executed just as if you were at a “live” auction.

I also buy outright one piece or entire collections and pay finders fees for good leads to old drugstores & private collections. For example, if you bid 0.00 on a lot and the next closest underbidder has a bid of only 0.00, you are in the lead on that lot at 0.00, the next highest bidding increment at that level.

DESCRIPTIONS: I have tried to the best of my ability to describe all items in this sale and have mentioned any flaws or problems that I felt were necessary. All bids are to be done by the mail, phone, fax or email. If no more bids are received and there is no advancement, then you win the lot for 0.00 = (Plus the 15% buyers premium).

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