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Avan Jogia and Zoey Deutch have been in a serious relationship for over two and a half years, but before Zavan was a thing, the 22-year-old actor was rumored to be in quite a few relationships. Click through the galley below to get an inside look at all the girls Avan has, quote-unquote, dated in the past!

This news spread in the media when Zoey went to consult doctor for stomach bulge.

Avan varčakan šrĵan), is one of the 12 districts of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

With an estimated population of 51,000, Avan forms the northern gate of Yerevan.

Currently this is best couple in industry who bonded strongly.

, the film “will follow a nerdy FBI agent launches his own investigation after his friend dies under suspicious circumstances.

Avan Tudor Jogia (born February 9th, 1992; Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian actor.

He is well known for his portrayal as Beck Oliver on the TV series Victorious.

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Later, he left his studies to continue his official career.British Canadian personality was born in Vancouver.Avan Tudor Jogia family background is unknown in media but it is revealed that his father was of British Indian descent thus has a Gujarati background whereas his mother belongs to Welsh, German and English ancestry.Avan Tudor Jogia (born February 9, 1992) is a Canadian actor, singer, dancer, model and martial artist.He is best known for playing Ben Stark in Caprica, Beck Oliver on Victorious, Danny Desai in Twisted, and Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the miniseries Tut.If you follow Avan Jogia and Cleopatra Coleman on social media, then you probably already know they are dating. The cute new couple stepped out for their first public appearance at the on Friday night (September 15) at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif.Avan and Cleopatra have been a couple for several months now.Later on, he was starred in the comedy series and in science fiction show.Jogia is known for his best ever performance in Sitcom, on a cable network series.He traveled to Los Angeles to give the first debut appearance in a movie.There he played the role of a younger brother of an elder teenage transsexual girl.

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