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General James Edward Oglethorpe, the colony’s founder, ordered the settlement and chose its location at the head of navigation of the Savannah River below the shoals created by the fall line.Oglethorpe’s vision was to establish an interior trading post for purchasing furs and other commodities from Native Americans to compete with New Savannah Town, a small outpost on the South Carolina side of the river.Augusta played a significant role in the American Revolution as one of the westernmost towns in the 13 British colonies.The first of the two battles fought here, the Siege of the White House, resulted in the hanging of 13 patriot soldiers by Tory forces under Colonel Thomas Browne.

During the Revolutionary War, the original town plan of Augusta expanded to the south, east, and west.Fort Augusta was adjacent to the 40 town lots on the west side near the river.Augusta named two of its original streets for Georgia’s colonial governors: Reynolds Street for John Reynolds, and Ellis Street for Henry Ellis.Paul’s Parish, and the Augusta church became known as St. During the French and Indian wars, refugees from the surrounding countryside came to Augusta, taking shelter in the fort and church.The building suffered significant damage in that period and was replaced in the 1760s.After the second, called the Siege of Augusta, patriot forces, under the command of General “Light Horse” Harry Lee, retook the town.The British erected Fort Cornwallis on the site of the former Fort Augusta and in the process destroyed St. After the Revolution, a new church, built between 17 and lasting until 1820, served all denominations, although much of the time it had a resident Episcopal minister.Are you interested in finding a someone single over 50 to be your partner in life? Sign up now and start flirting with singles over 50 in Overland Park. They transported their tobacco culture to Georgia, where tobacco soon became the main cash crop of the colony.In approximately 1797, one of the last important tobacco merchants in Augusta built the Ezekiel Harris House (also known as the Harris-Pearson-Walker House), which is representative of that nearly forgotten economic factor in Georgia’s history.

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