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That skin-bleaching cosmetics have persisted for decades signals the enduring legacy of colorism., officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were dispatched to do a well-check at Skinner’s residence but made the grim discovery when they arrived.Moreover, a Villanova University study of more than 12,000 African American women imprisoned in North Carolina found that lighter-skinned black women received shorter sentences than their darker-skinned counterparts.Previous research by Stanford psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt found that darker-skinned black defendants were two times more likely than lighter-skinned black defendants to get the death penalty for crimes involving white victims.

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While peasants became sun-tanned as they labored outdoors day in and day out, the privileged had lighter complexions because they didn’t have to work in the sun for hours daily.While dark-skinned slaves toiled outdoors in the fields, their light-skinned counterparts usually worked indoors completing domestic tasks that were far less grueling. Slave-owners were partial to light-skinned slaves because they were often family members.Slave-owners frequently forced slave women into sexual intercourse, and light-skinned offspring were the telltale signs of these sexual assaults.While slave-owners did not officially recognize their mixed-race children as blood, they gave them privileges that dark-skinned slaves did not enjoy.Accordingly, light skin came to be viewed as an asset among the slave community.At this point, no one knows the circumstances that led to the deadly incident but Franklin was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday, Sept. In the state of North Carolina, Franklin could be facing the death penalty for the first-degree murder charge, but reportedly showed no emotion when he appeared in court.The judge also noted that there were no previous domestic violence orders that had been filed against Franklin, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent.Outside of the United States, colorism may be more related to class than to white supremacy.Although European colonialism has undoubtedly left its mark on countries worldwide, colorism is said to predate contact with Europeans in various Asian countries.Colorism didn’t just involve blacks discriminating against other blacks.Job advertisements from the mid-20th century reveal that African Americans with light skin clearly believed their coloring would make them more palatable as job candidates.

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