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A real fir tree glitters in every room, fires roar and footmen hurry through endless corridors.

On the table in the dining room is a spectacular feast – ox tongue, roasted hams and a stuffed boar’s head.

So she’d sneak to the kitchen later where we’d give her some more.

There was great anticipation over the Harrods hamper, sent in those days as an appreciation of the Royals’ business.

No doubt it will be an eye-opening experience for Meghan, and perhaps for the Windsors, too...

Christmas preparations for the Royal family start with the menus, which are chosen by the Queen when she arrives at Sandringham.

The family assembles in the drawing room for pre-dinner Veuve Clicquot and finger-bowls of almonds and cashews.

The children are in the nursery – at least until they’re old enough to conduct themselves in the proper manner at the table.

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Then, in a German tradition called Heiligabend Bescherung, they will open their presents.

The gifts, jokey and inexpensive rather than lavish, are piled on trestle tables alongside name tags.

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