Intimidating football player names

From the hard hits, to the big catches, from the bloopers, to the record-setting milestones -- it's all here ladies and gentlemen.

I just made that fact up, but for a second you believed it.Drunker Philly fan: Let’s toss this Molotov cocktail at Tony Romo’s head and applaud as he burns to death in front of his family and friends! I’m just going to shoot this flare gun at the other team until they forfeit.Only one of these scenarios hasn’t happened in the past twenty years. This place is HELL for any visiting team, and something far worse should you be a rival.For example, pictured above is European Basketball star Gregor Fucka.In English, it looks like profanity but it’s actually pronounced “Fooch-Ka.” Tee pronunciation may not be vulgar, but add a "c" into the last name it gets pretty raunchy.Liverpool's historic base has this magical aura about it on matchdays.The place seems to come alive when the Kop, the stadium's most vocal stand, bellows out "You'll Never Walk Alone" - especially on European nights.On the other hand, there are those stadiums that strike fear into the heart of any visitors, helping the home side win the game before a ball has even been kicked.Introducing the 12 most intimidating stadiums in world football...They know scenarios, they know when to cheer, when to shut up, and opposing teams in Yankee Stadium probably feel like a Jehovah’s Witness would feel ringing the doorbell of the Vatican.Homefield advantage in baseball may not mean as much as it does in other sports, but Yankee Stadium in a playoff game can go head-to-head with most football stadiums, and that’s saying something.

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