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No tapes of the controversial moment that halted filming, no commentary from either as to what happened, or what went wrong between them.In fact, it looked as if both contestants were going to survive the rose ceremony with their new love interests, until producers pulled the plug.There were a lot of factors working against them getting together. He's there as the bartender, making drinks and counseling the lovelorn folks who sit down in his cabana.Danielle, while well-liked by everyone, wasn't making any romantic connections with her male counterparts, so she decided to leave Was a Lot of Waiting to Get to De Mario's Sit-Down But when she went to say goodbye to Wells, he took the opportunity to share his true feelings.It was a cute moment between two of the most likable, least problematic people in the franchise, and Bachelor Nation responded accordingly with enthusiasm at the prospect of a Danielle-Wells relationship — including Wells' friend and Sadly, despite all the fandom around the potential relationship, it doesn't look like Danielle and Wells are currently.They both posted an Instagram video on July 28 of them eating hot dogs, but nothing since then.

Although unexpected, the kiss wasn't out of the blue.It was an extraordinarily stressful time for our cast and all of our crew, including myself...Let's start with everything that happened in the two and a half days of filming before we stopped production," Harrison told the camera at the beginning of the episode... ABC did show footage of the first two days in"I wanted to come here to set everything straight and hopefully find the next Mrs.This season of 'Bi P' is highly anticipated, especially after Nick Viall's recent stint on 'The Bachelor.' Some of his axed ladies like Raven Gates, Corinne Olympios and Taylor Nolan were cast, as was Amanda Stanton from Ben Higgins' season. Some of the guys cast were Derek Peth, Nick Benvenutti, Ben Zorn and De Mario Jackson. Corinne, on the other hand, told Harrison that she was "single" -- despite sources telling ET that the Miami native was dating 26-year-old Jordan Gielchinsky while filming."I'm personally not ready to settle down," she confessed.Production for 'Bachelor in Paradise' has been suspended after allegations of misconduct were reported ...which puts a halt to filming for the upcoming season indefinitely. execs for the show said Sunday that they had been alerted to some sort of misconduct on the set of 'Bi P', which is currently shooting in Mexico.Monday's episode didn't do much to address the actual incident that shut down production...and Tuesday's episode doesn't look like it will either."Do you want to be here?

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