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plug in the fan (DO NOT MISS THIS STEP) re attach the power brick connect the wires in red and screw it down in blue flip it back over and your all set Phat Strip Down the "phat" ps3 On the left side of the console you will see a few rubber feet.

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It may require a bit of force to slide if you’re opening the console for the first time.can be lifted with a finger nail & Remove the screw The Blue-ray drive comes right out.pull out the power panel’s flat cable remove 3 black in red and 2 silver screws in blue the logic board lifts free of the chassis Unscrew 5 silver screws in red securing the shield do not remove the 2 black screws in yellow & Remove The screws for the two identical brackets in blue remove the metal shield from the logic board.After the top slides as far as it will go, lift the top and it should come off as seen in the picture below: After the top is off, there will be another cover.You will need to remove the 7 long screws circled in red.After the 7 screws are removed, gently lift up the back corners of the top half of the console.There are 2 small clips near the back you may need to undo with a small screw driver.For NOR wiring the solderarea (the NORpoints) is 10x larger than the solderarea used with NAND (pitch 0.5mm, just as NOR chips btw), so for NOR you have much more headroom (and also need!) to use thicker wires (for NAND you most likely want to use 28 AWG and cannot use much thicker) Use caliper to measure unknown/unmarked wires and compare with above table/listing.o Don't use USB Mass Storage Devices with a long initialization time (e.g.some MP3 players) o Don't use multi partition USB Mass Storage Devices, only use 1 single primary FAT32 partition. The Grounds and VCC wires may ofcourse be thicker than the signal wires.

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