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Nullable(Of Date Time)) property to a standard win Form Date Picker. Today End If End Sub Private Sub Null Date Read_Format(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Convert Event Args) 'Code here for debug use, e.value contains the user selected date but it is never ' written back to the object?! If anyone would like to comment on a better way please let me know. On Property Changed" during binding of the controls.

I work primarily with forms that bind to entity business objects so the thing I do a lot of is binding textboxes, checkboxes etc. It's a composite control that includes a custom Date Time Picker and a plain textbox for the time.I'm not entirely convinced that this disconneced state is any advantage since all my clients have Hi all, I'm quite new to vb 2005 and need some help: I have 2 forms say form A and form B, form A has a dataset1, table1adapter & table1bindingsource (backend database is access).Once they click on the OK button on form B, I do some backend checking for the data, if all is well, then I generate the key for the new record then add the new record into the dataset1 and then update the database and form B is then closed The new record is added to the backend database, however, the table1bindingsource on form A is not refreshed and thus not displayed on form A after form B is closed. You can also change the Data Source of Binding Source and the binding will work fine.Hi all, I'm quite new to vb 2005 and need some help: I have 2 forms say form A and form B, form A has a dataset1, table1adapter & table1bindingsource (backend database is access).When I run my application, the Load Data By Key method is called 5 times...When I add the usercontrol to the page in the designer, the designer assigns a default value to it, so that is the first time, which I can (kind of) avoid... Is Dirty = True _startdate = value Raise Event Property Changed(Me, New System. Property Changed Event Args("Start Date")) End If End Set End Property Although it's buried in the documentation, it's not obvious that the default for Data Source Update Mode is On Validation, and validation only occurs if the object is updated via the control's user interface, not when the value is changed via code.Databinding in Delphi was always a pleasure to work with, even in Delphi I (1994). such as : public class my User Control: Usercontrol Then I add this control to my Form, which hosts a Binding Source, a Dataset and a datagridview.Then I bind the "Key" property of my User Control to one of the properties in the bindingsource.On the form load, I load my dataset on the form using a backgroundworker, and the method gets called 2 more times when I get my dataset loaded... Nullable(Of Date Time)) End Sub Hello all, I believe I have solved the binding a System. When the data that your code accesses changes, the controls fire the event again to update themselves automatically. not that you can use the following method of the bindingsource to udpate the bound controls on a form: Binding Source.Interestingly, when I change the position of the Bindingsource by moving to another row on the form, the method gets called only ONCE, which I LOVE :) Any ideas or suggestions? Good morning: I am having a similar problem in binding an objects System. Nullable(Of Date Time) property to a Date Time Picker (that allows for Nulls; Date Time Picker. I am not saying that this is the ideal way to do it but it works! Reset Current Item()In my case, I also set the "Data Source Update Mode.

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