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Their children are not exposed to the media, and they do not talk a lot about their personal life to the media.

he went to his friends and contacted a few sites to create fictitious stories about him going to the church with women to get to her. if you look at her, you can see she carries what we all call ”fame.” the most information i received was that she once impersonated michelle obama, and that she may be a model.within the past two years of being with hillsong, he’s been sending messages to her. within the years, there wasn’t any new information. so, why not add another, the girl (sheena harrell) who is the co pastor’s wife (according to Google) of bieber’s church, hillsong new york city.lentz told bieber that she doesn’t have much experience in dealing with people. recently she resurfaced as she always does, a few months at a time, and posted a few photos of herself and her website she advertises herself as a writer and photographer. there’s photos and stories of justin bieber, (the photos aren’t of bieber, but the stories post anyway) dating a lot of women, selena gomez, hailey baldwin, kendall jenner, miley cyrus, and someone new who’s been recently added to the list, because of her photo being posted to his instagram profile, giving the impression that he has interest in these women. to reiterate the story, there’s a rumor, that bieber only joined the church to meet her.Joel and Victoria do not get a salary for working as pastors at the Lakewood Church.His total worth is calculated to be 56,508,500 USD as of 2014.justin met with carl lentz, after hearing about her, through joel houston, and wanted to meet her. they created articles about justin and hillsong, for two years.lentz never told her, but continued to keep contact with’s been in the news that bieber has dated women that are known to us, as models, or actresses, or musicians, but in this case, she is not one of those. she impersonates the first lady and shortly after, befriended the pastor, carl lentz. when she begins to get a lot of attention, she disappears.recently there’s being someone on twitter, with her name posting information that she wants to date justin bieber.Here is his house, in case you were wondering where your donations went,' one meme reads, showing a picture of his lavish home.Others were pointed out how un-Christian his delayed response to the hurricane was.'I don't remember a scene in the New Testament where Jesus had to have his arm twisted before he'd help the sick & poor,' one meme read, including a picture of Jesus.

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