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While each district has unique law enforcement challenges, all of Bowling Green continues to experience rapid growth that requires the department to constantly reevaluate the way it protects the city.

Each district has an assigned patrol sergeant who acts as a law enforcement liaison between our agency and the citizens he or she serves.

The men and women of Patrol Operations are the "backbone" of the organization and are our front-line ambassadors.

The quality of life experienced in Bowling Green can be greatly attributed to the service provided by these men and women.

Largest Meth seizure in the State of Kentucky EVER!! Thot y’all needed to be reminded that y’all do awesome work.

Started from a traffic stop where Meth was found and after 22 Hours this is what we found. If not for putting excellent dogs on the street this could of made the bad guys 5 Million Dollars.

Users can bring potential legal liability or security threats into your organization.

Trust K9 to provide you with a safe working environment for your teams.

The men and women of the Patrol Operations Division, commanded by Major Melanie Watts, perform the most visible and recognized functions of the Bowling Green Police Department.

We are the ones that respond to citizen's needs.

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