Registry pol not updating

I am a relatively new Win SLAMM user, and I am encountering issues with the way Win SLAMM itself is displaying on my computer.

In almost every window in Win SLAMM, it appears that the text is overlapping, or cut off in certain areas, and on certain buttons.

The default location for the parameter files is C\Program Files\Win SLAMM Files directory. The number of licenses an entity owns is not tied to the number of computers it is loaded on, but the number of users.

The program can be loaded on as many computers as needed in a single office location.

If you purchased a new or renewal license within the past year, you should have received an email regarding the program update with the password.

Put all the files into a password protected zip file on our website.However, each office location should own the number of licenses for the number of users using the program simultaneously.Additionally, licenses are not transferable between office locations.Besides the help screen, is there a tutorial, or at some written documentation that could lead me through a computational process? I am working on some modifications to the EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM).As part of this effort, I am very interested in reviewing the source code for SLAMM/Win SLAMM as well as SSIP.(Win SLAMM v9 and earlier do not need to be uninstalled). The files contained in the zip file are the executable (winslamm.exe), the Help File (winslamm.hlp), and the log file (winslammlog.txt).PVA does not limit the number of versions allowed on a User’s computer.This solution has worked for users that have had similar issues.There is a link on the US Army Corps of Engineers website that prompts the user to download “Win7_Font_Fix.reg” solution will add a registry key that allows for the auto formatting of bitmap fonts on high resolution displays. Most likely the existing Win SLAMM data files have the paths to the parameter files pointing to a different location than they are currently stored.The issue could be due to the type of font used in Win SLAMM. This is a solution proposed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.Win SLAMM uses a bitmapped font instead of a true type font. Discuss installing the registry key with your IT department prior to installing it.

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