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In the 2005 National Survey of Adolescents, an estimated 1.6% of youth ages 12-17 experienced DV using stringent definitions of physical and sexual assault[7].Two surveys measuring physical DV victimization in nationally representative samples, National Survey of Child and Adolescent Victimization (ages 12-17) and the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (high school students), report 64% and 9.8% of respondents, respectively, were victimized[8,9].Adolescents involved in DV had similar probabilities of reporting perpetration and victimization, suggesting violence within relationships may be mutual.Involvement in DV was associated with more health issues and concurrent problem behaviors.Age had a non-proportional influence; oldest students were particularly likely to report injuries.Residence in the parental home during the college years had a protective effect (AOR 0.48, 95%CI 0.24-0.93).

#7, San Francisco, CA 94114, 415-217-9875, [email protected], Evelyn Lehrer, Ph D, Department of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago, MC 144, 601 South Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607, and Vivian Lehrer, JD, Family Violence Project, Urban Justice Center, 435 W. Background Little is known about prevalence or correlates of physical dating violence among college students in Chile.

Compared to Class 1 adolescents, those in Classes 2 and 3 were more likely to report depressive symptoms, psychological complaints, and alcohol use.

Among females involved in DV, those in Class 3 compared to Class 2 reported more depressive symptoms, physical and psychological complaints, and cigarette and marijuana use.

Adolescents involved in DV had similar probabilities of reporting perpetration and victimization suggesting violence within relationships may be mutual.

Violence perpetrated in the context of adolescent romantic relationships is common[1-3] and merits interest given its potential impact on multiple health outcomes[4,5], and on the development of expectations for the conduct of adult intimate relationships[6].

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